Know the difference between Lashes...

Synthetic Lashes

  • Plastic lash extensions
  • Hard and uncomfortable 
  • Super black and shiny 
  • Cheapest of all extensions 
  • Heavier in weight and can be more damaging
  • Retention does not last long 


Silk Synthetic Lashes

  • Most commonly used in salons (or standard use)
  • Made with silk mixed in with plastic 
  • Matte colored and light weight
  • Comfortable to wear and blends in with natural lashes
  • Retention of lashes 2-3 weeks


Ultra Silk Lashes aka Faux Mink (What we use)

  • Made with 100% silk
  • Darker deeper black
  • Super light weight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fluffy and resembles closest to natural lashes without it being real Mink
  • Holds the curl well unlike real Mink 
  • Price is a little more costly than Silk Synthetic 
  • Retention tends to hold longer than Silk Synthetic (average 3 weeks)


Siberian Mink (will carry upon more request)

  • Rare in many salons
  • Very high price point, average cost $300-500 for a Full Set
  • Not to be mistaken with the popular BRAND "Mink" (which uses silk synthetic) 
  • Real Siberian Mink fur 
  • Fluffy and most natural looking
  • Does not hold curl well, relaxes like real hair over time
  • Super light weight
  • Longest retention rate